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Have you ever considered buying a parcel of land and wondered about the history of it? Has there ever been an oil spill on the property? Is the property in violation with the Growth Management department for a local ordinance issue? Has a building permit ever been issued for the parcel? In its current state, what could I do with it? Paradigm Engineers and Consultants offer a Site Investigation service that will answer all of these questions and more.

The first part of Site Investigation is to establish the history of the parcel. The history of the parcel will give you a better understanding of what you are buying or already own. Was there a gas station on the land before now and if you purchase, than you will be responsible for any contamination on the site? A thorough background search will tell you these types of things. Also, did the previous owner try to rezone the property and was blocked by local government? Does the property have vested development rights?

The second part of Site Investigation is to determine the current state of the property. The current state of the property tells you what exactly you are buying. Am I buying land completely encumbered by floodplain and wetlands? Is the parcel of land zoned for what I want to do with it? What type of stormwater treatment will be required for this site? Is there adequate driveway access for this site? Paradigm Engineers and Consultants Site Investigation service will tell you these types of things.

The last part of Site Investigation is to establish what can be done with the parcel in present time. Are there any current entitlements for the property? What can I build on the subject site? Paradigm Engineers and Consultants will provide a full list of allowable uses for the property as part of the Site Investigation process. What is the maximum density for this parcel of land? What permits will this property be subject to if I want to build?

As you can see, the Site Investigation service that Paradigm Engineers and Consultants offers is full-service and is a powerful tool for anyone who is looking to purchase a parcel of land. Our quick turn-around time for this service ensures that you will have the information that you need before your closing. Call us today for all of your Site Investigation needs.

At Paradigm Engineers and Consultants, we value hard work and commitment. After all, our clients demand it. That's why we offer faster approval rates than our competition for Site Plan and Construction Documents.










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