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Paradigm Engineers and Consultants handle many different types of Permitting. Though, the largest type of permitting we handle is Environmental Permitting. There are many different types of Permits and Government Agencies associated with Environmental Permitting.

The Environmental Management Permit (EMP) is the most important Environmental Permit to obtain in the City of Tallahassee and Leon County. The EMP allows you to commence site construction for your project and without it; you cannot start construction of a new building in most cases.

To obtain the Environmental Management Permit, you must have an approved Natural Features Inventory (NFI) and Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA). The Natural Features Inventory is a set of documents that establishes which, if any, natural features are present on the subject property. A natural feature is a naturally occurring course of nature, such as Wetlands, Patriarch Trees, Water Course, Floodplain, and Karst Features. The Environmental Impact Analysis is a set of documents that establishes which, if any, natural features will be impacted during the site construction. Any impacts to the natural features must be approved, by the government agency, prior to the issuance of the Environmental Management Permit.

Another important permit that Paradigm Engineers and Consultants handle is the Environmental Permit (EP) from the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD). The Environmental Permit regulates the design and construction phase of a stormwater management facility. Once the stormwater management facility’s construction is finished and approved, you must obtain the Operating Permit. The Operating Permit regulates the operations of the stormwater management facility to ensure that it is functioning properly and that there are no safety concerns.

The final important environmental permit that Paradigm Engineers and Consultants handle is the Joint Application for Works in the Waters of Florida. This Joint Application is for the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Northwest Florida Water Management District, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). This permit applies to any work performed in Jurisdictional State Waters including dredge & fill, docks, piers and any other over water structures.

A different type of permit that Paradigm Engineers and Consultants handle is right-of-way permits. Most government entities that operate roadways require a permit for working in their right-of-way. These government entities include local, state and federal. The work covered by right-of-way permits includes utility work, stormwater improvements, driveway connections, turn lanes, tree clearing, sidewalks and any other work which alters the right-of-way.

At Paradigm Engineers and Consultants, we value hard work and commitment. After all, our clients demand it. That's why we offer faster approval rates than our competition for Site Plan and Construction Documents.










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