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Paradigm Engineers and Consultants offer Feasibility Studies as a service to anyone who has a potential construction project. Do you have a parcel of land that you want to develop, but don’t know how much it will cost to do so? Do you have an existing facility that need to be upgraded? How many lots do I need to make my proposed subdivision profitable? Paradigm Engineers and Consultants Feasibility Studies will answer these types of questions and more.

The first part of Feasibility Studies is to establish what type of project are we studying? Are we evaluating a school, subdivision, roadway, commercial center or office? The differences are great between the different projects for construction means and methods. This can heavily contribute to construction costs for the site work and building.

The second part of Feasibility Studies is to determine the amount of proposed infrastructure. If a preliminary site plan is complete than Paradigm Engineers and Consultants will complete a quantity takeoff to determine the exact amount of materials needed to construct the project. The quantity takeoff report details the exact materials and services needed as well as the cost per unit. If a site plan is not available, we will provide one at this stage of the study.

The last part of Feasibility Studies is to compile all of the data into a report for the client. Paradigm Engineers and Consultants will now be able to tell you what it will cost to complete your project. Our report will include everything from the cost of the land to the cost of professional services and will be able to guide your business decisions for cost savings.

A Feasibility Study is never complete until your project is complete. Paradigm Engineers and Consultants works closely with the client to update the Feasibility Study as the project evolves. When major or minor changes are made to the construction plans, the quantity takeoff must change with it. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure your project remains on budget and on schedule.

As you can see, the Feasibility Studies service that Paradigm Engineers and Consultants offers is full-service and is a powerful tool for anyone who is looking to purchase a parcel of land. Our quick turn-around time for this service ensures that you will have the information that you need before your closing. Call us today for all of your Site Investigation needs.

At Paradigm Engineers and Consultants, we value hard work and commitment. After all, our clients demand it. That's why we offer faster approval rates than our competition for Site Plan and Construction Documents.










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