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The City of Tallahassee required a new master pump station to be installed in the western portion of Tallahassee along Highway 90 to handle future development. This location was coordinated with a land owner as part of his design for a new development project. A letter of agreement was then issued by the City for the work stipulating the anticipated reimbursement to the owner for the engineering design and installed infrastructure. This project design required coordination with the City to meet their required flow, pressure and design requirements. In addition to the pump station design, the project also required the new design of 600 linear feet gravity main, and 2,100 linear feet of force main. Due these mains being designed within the FDOT right of way, an FDOT’s permit was also required. One of their main objectives was that the preservation of the trees along the ROW be incorporated in the design where possible. This object was achieved in the final design, with only a few trees needing removal.

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