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The Florida School Board Insurance Trust project was the design of a new office building located on an 0.95 acre parcel on the east side of Thomasville Road, at the intersection of North Monroe Street. The facility was completed in March 2009. The site contains an approximate 15,000 square foot, three story building along with appurtenant parking facilities, utilities and stormwater management.

The civil engineering process involved the design of water, sewer and stormwater utilities. The land planning process involved the layout of the site to maximize the building visibility and parking facility while maintaining the natural aesthetics of the project site. The permitting process involved obtaining the environmental management permit for site construction and a driveway connection permit for the construction of a driveway connection to Calhoun Street.

The final product today is a vibrant office building which is at maximum capacity. The building is situated at the corner of Calhoun Street and Thomasville Road giving it a prominent stance. The site has beautiful landscaping which enhances the natural look of the surrounding area.

Paradigm Engineers and Consultants permitted with the Northwest Florida Water Management District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Tallahassee Growth Management Department.

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