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The Alliance Center project was the design of a 5 story mixed use building on a 0.43 acre parcel located on North Monroe Street in Downtown Tallahassee, Florida. The site contains a 3,073 square foot Bank, 62,847 square feet of General Office, 5,820 square feet of Specialty Retail and 8 Residential Condos for a total of 76,223 square feet. The site also contains a parking garage and all associated utilities.

Paradigm Engineers and Consultants used a creative design approach for this project due to the downtown environment having the neighboring buildings abutting the existing structure that was to be removed for the proposed Alliance Center. We had to ensure that during demolition of the existing building, the neighboring buildings wouldn’t collapse due to the fact that over time, the neighboring buildings started to use our building for support. We implemented a plan to support the neighboring buildings and removed the existing building without incident.

Paradigm Engineers and Consultants site design included water and sewer utilities, a driveway, parking lot and trash collection. Because the proposed building occupied 90% of the land, we designed the parking lot to be under the building, allowing the required amount of parking spaces to be obtained. We also coordinated with the City of Tallahassee Traffic Engineering Department for the access of emergency vehicles into the site due to the constraints of the site.

Paradigm Engineers and Consultants permitted with the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Tallahassee Growth Management Department.

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